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a little wonder

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      About the fest

      A Little Wonder is a monthly writing challenge. All the stories are no longer than 3000 words.


      It's very important that you have a look at our schedule. Mods will keep you updated on our twitter as well.


      Have a look at our rules, prohibited content and our tagging help!

      Mod team

      We are 9 Mods, making sure that everything runs smoothly. Click to learn more about us!

      All the Mods are adults. We have no minors in the team and will continue only accepting new Mods that are of legal age.

      Mod Dimples he/they

      main mod

      "I'm Mod Dimples and I was the one that made this fest come to life. You'll see me around when Mod Sunshine is sleeping or busy. I hope everyone is having a great time writing and reading!! :) All the love xx"

      Mod Sunshine she/her

      communication mod

      "I'm your communication mod. Nice to meet everyone. I'll mostly be answering questions you may have and making sure everyone feels supported and safe throughout this process."

      Mod Cloudy they/them

      communication mod

      "hi, i'm mod cloudy!! i'll be helping sunshine with communications for this fest :D i'm super stoked to be a part of this team and i can’t wait to get to know y'all! love you <3"

      Mod Teddy she/they

      survey mod

      "Hello everyone! I'm Mod Teddy! I'll be helping out with reading and surveying submissions. I'm super excited to be part of this amazing Mod team, and even more excited to read everyone's submissions"

      Mod Fox she/her

      survey mod

      "hi everyone, mod fox here! i'm one of the survey mods and will be helping out with reading and surveying your submissions!! i'm very excited to be a part of this team! :]"

      Mod Candy they/them

      assistant mod

      "hello, i’m mod candy!! i’ll mostly be helping out the other mods here and there with a few things. i’m happy to be here and always glad to help!"

      Mod Snow she/her

      graphics mod

      "i’m mod snow, and i’m one of the graphics mods! i interact in dms occasionally, but i’m mostly involved in the creative direction of the fest, regarding theme reveals and design concepts for each round! hope everyone enjoys this fest~"

      Mod Penguin she/her

      graphics mod

      "Hello! I'm Mod Penguin and I am one of the graphics mods. Catch me up at all hours editing pictures or writing :) I'm excited to be here!"

      Mod Froggy she/they/he

      graphics mod

      "hi, im mod froggy!! just ur friendly neighborhood little frog friend here to help alw mods make showstopping graphics. u probably wont hear a lot from me bec i live under a rock and im rly shy but it's nice to meet u!"

      Mod Star any pronouns

      survey mod

      "hello! I'm mod star :) I'll mostly be behind the scenes helping out by reading through everyone's lovely fics <3 I'm excited to be here!"


      This is a writing challenge which will have different themes every time a new round starts.

      The main challenge will be the limited word count. This challenge is all about writing fics with no more than 3000 words. (It is not a flash fiction challenge - rather a short story challenge.)

      We're an NCT writing fest so every NCT ship will be allowed (yes, WayV as well) We might have writing months in the future that are purely focused on one single sub-unit.

      Regarding Cross-shipping: No it isn't allowed. We will only allow NCTV/NCTV fics. You may include a member from another group in your fic but they can't be part of the main-ship.

      ☁️What can be the challenge themes for every new month?
      Of course, readers and writers can leave suggestions for new challenges in our twitter dms or our curios cat. 4 different challenges will compete in a twitter poll for about 2 days. They could be: "a horror movie"; "greek myths"; "enemies to lovers"; "write a crossover" or just simply "canon-verse".
      Mods are so excited to hear your ideas as well.


      ☁️About the Length
      Every Round will have a different length because we usually can't plan out the posting period until shortly before it starts. Usually every round has a 2 week long writing period, which includes beta matching and submissions. After that we will have around 2-5 days of "silence" to organize the postings (we will update you daily).

      ☁️About the Challenges
      Every time a new round starts there is gonna be a twitter poll with 4 different writing challenges (usually the themes - for example an enemies to lovers challenge, fairytale challenge, ...) The most popular poll choice will be the new challenge for the month.

      ☁️About Submissions
      Because the writing period is only 2 weeks long, Mods won't send out e-mails to remind writers. (However, we'll send reminders when writers haven't asked for an extension but their work wasn't submitted to our collection.)

      ☁️ About Postings
      There is gonna be a big master thread on Twitter for every round. Mods will upload and promote new fics (Posting period: 1 - 2.5 weeks)
      The amount of stories, that will be posted every day, depend on the number of final submissions we received.
      Postings are anonymous and the date for guessing and reveals will be revealed during postings.


      ☁️ Word Limit is 3000 words. You can write as little as you want, as long as it doesn't exceed 3k words.

      ☁️ We are only allowing one submission per writer. (If you'd like to write a second fiction inspired by our monthly challenge we will make sure to retweet it, but we can't add it to our collection.)

      ☁️ You have to have an AO3 account because our submission system works through our AO3 collections. (If you don't have an account: please consider getting one or contact the Mods and we'll find a resolution.)

      ☁️ Mods will post a guide on how to submit your work to the AO3 collection on Twitter. Don't worry, we'll work you through it. If you have any questions.. don't hesitate to contact us.

      ☁️ If Writers want to drop out, they'll have to let Mods know. Please don't ghost us. We're writers as well, we know it isn't always easy.

      ☁️ Same goes for extensions (for more information have a look at our schedule)

      ☁️ This is an anonymous writing challenge. Writers have to stay anonymous until the official reveals were posted. Don't tell anyone which story you wrote until then. (Of course you can openly say that you participated.)

      ☁️ We won't allow any kind of plagiarism. You are all smart, trust me. You can do it!

      ☁️ Triggers must be tagged appropriately! Please have a look at our list of triggers and keep the prohibited content in mind, thank you.

      ☁️ Your fic is required to have an accurate rating! We do not accept fics with the "Not Rated" tag! Our survey mods will contact you if you seem to forget about your rating.

      ☁️ Changing mandatory tags and tagged content- & trigger warnings after reveals is not allowed and offenders will be put on a suspension (dropped from the collection and banned for a period of time).

      ☁️Your fic has to be finished! We do not allow drafts or ongoing works! (You may add it to a series after reveals are done and write sequels if you want!)

      prohibited content

      Please keep in mind that we won't allow anything containing:
      ☁️ non-con
      ☁️ bestiality
      ☁️ incest relationships
      ☁️ pedophilia and underage sexual acts
      ☁️ dub-con and non-biological incest are under the grey zone and will be surveyed by Mods.

      Need help with tags? Consider these!

      Religious Symbols

      Possible Triggers & Content Warnings You might want to consider tagging!

      Our survey mods might recommend you tags/triggers your fic might be missing

      Abusive Relationship
      Drug Abuse
      Gun Abuse
      Major Character Death
      Minor Character Death
      Sexual Abuse
      Terminal Illness

      Our monthly masterlists



      Mod Sparkles she/her

      beta mod

      "I'm Mod Sparkles, who's in charge of making matches between betas and writers. I'm really excited to be part of this fest! "

      Mod Honey hon/HONEY

      logistics mod

      "I'm Mod Hunny!! It's so cool to be a part of this! You'll see me sometimes, but I'll mostly be sending e-mails and helping with the submissions."

      Mod Bee she/they

      graphics mod

      "hello everyone! I'm mod bee, nice to meet you! I'll be helping out with little wonder's graphics, along mod snow and mod penguin!"